Are your graduate students and technicians getting tired of hand-running the same experiment over and over? While it is definitely a badge of honor to grind out large amounts of data, time can often be better spent analyzing data and drawing conclusions rather than generating it.

At Telos, we’re experts at identifying areas in research protocols that can be automated, freeing up valuable time for more in depth data review and analysis – and saving your lab money in the long-run.

Automation has other advantages as well. Experiments requiring subjective observations are more prone to experimenter biases and the injection of human errors into your data sets. Automated experiments can also be completed at a much faster pace, potentially allowing you to collect months of data in a matter of weeks.

With automated equipment and processes you also have peace of mind. Many of our projects involve environmental monitoring and instantaneous error reporting. If a cage gets too hot, lights are turned on when they aren’t supposed to be, or if anything goes wrong, we can set up systems that notify you immediately – via email or even text message. Relax with the knowledge that your experiments are going fine, even when you are not in the lab to directly observe them.


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