We leverage 3D printing and rapid protoyping data acquistion technologies to provide unique solutions built on tried and tested hardware and software backbones.

Though each of the projects we work on is unique, they tend to follow a common path:

1. Experiment Design & Consultation

We work hand-in-hand with you to understand your specific needs, and offer suggestions along the way based on our own experiences. If you need customized electronics or software – we’ve got that covered too.

2. “Paper-based” Equipment Design

We’ll start by developing sketches and CAD models of the equipment that will best meet your research goals.

3. Rapid Prototype

Once we’ve completed a draft design of your customized equipment, and you’ve approved it, we’ll quickly build a physical prototype for you to see, feel, and even use to run a couple of trial experiments.

4. Prototype Testing

Its important to us that the equipment we design does exactly what you need it to do, so we want you to put the prototype through your experimental protocol. Often, there are slight changes that need to be made after this step – and that’s no problem – we expect it.

5. Production of the Quantities Needed

Once you’ve successfully tested the prototype and any modifications required are completed, we’ll manufacture the quantity that you need to support your research plan. No project is too large or too small. We’ve done projects where only a single piece of hardware is needed, and projects that require hundreds of units.


It’s your research – so you stay in the driver’s seat the whole time. We have a lot of experience in animal research, animal behavior, engineering, design, and software, but ultimately YOU are the only expert when it comes to YOUR research. We’re not satisfied with our designs until you are satisfied.


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